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Guild Structure

New Guild Raiding Structure

Here are the specific information about each group: (note raid times are only set from now to Dec 7. Raid times for Cataclysm are still to be determined)

Group 1: Progression Group

·         Raiding time: Thursday 7pm-11pm, Saturday 8pm-11pm. Be online 15 minutes early for raid invites.

Member Requirement: Must have 12/12 ICC Experience (KS not required). This group is by Officer invite only.

Invitation Method: This group is by Officer Invite only. Invite by Calendar. Accept 24 hours in advance or be substituted.

·         Rules for absences, lateness and early withdraw:

o   Absence: Notify officers or raid leaders at least 24 hours in advance. Only 2 reasoned absences are allowed. You will be removed from the group if you did not notify officers or you are absent for more than 2 raid days in a four week time period.

o   Lateness: If you know you will be late, please notify an officer at least 3 hours in advance and indicate your reasons. You must show up at the time you indicated in your mail, else it counts as an un-notified lateness. One unnotified late or two noted lates will be allowed every 4 weeks. Exceeding this limit will cause you to be removed from the group.

o   Early withdraw: Early withdraw is acceptable at the last half hour of the designated raid time with a valid reason. If you need to leave in the middle of the raid time with an emergency, please talk to raid leader right away. Quitting without a valid reason will lead to removal from group.

Group 2: Gearing/Training Group

·         Raiding time: Friday 7pm-11pm, Sunday 8pm-11pm

·         Member Requirement:  Have good raid awareness. Listen and follow raid leader’s instructions. Experience not required.

·         Invitation Method: By calendar on FCFS (first come first serve) basis starting 15m before designated raid time.

·         Rules for absences, lateness and early withdraw: If you are absent or late, you will not join this week’s guild run. If you leave early with no valid reason, you will not be able to join any guild’s run in the future.

·         Additional note: members for group 1 are not always filled. We will observe everyone’s performance in group 2 and determine potential candidate for group 1 based on the factors of attendance, raid performance, raid awareness and attitude.

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